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Walking with Buddies are passionate about bringing your dog home fulfilled both physically and mentally in order for both dog and owner to feel content.

Why walk with us?
    LIVE GPS Tracker will be fitted to your dog prior to the commencement of the walk.
    Your dog will be exercised for at least an hour (collection, cleaning and drop off does not interfere with their hour of enjoyment!) using our structured format to ensure your dog is fulfilled both physically and mentally.
    Small group socialisation walks and individual one to one walks.  
(Please note we are unable to walk uncastrated dogs over the age of 9 months and bitches that are not spayed within the group walks)
    Leg Stretch service is available which is a shorter walk duration for our more mature or less active customers.
    Areas include Baildon, Guiseley, Eldwick/Bingley, Hawksworth, Menston, Saltaire and Shipley (should you be outside of these areas please do contact us as we may be able to accommodate your needs).
The benefits of using a professional dog walker are:
  A healthier, more agile and limber dog
  Weight control
  Aids their digestive system
  Reduces or eliminats your dog’s destructive behaviour and promotes your dog to feel more relaxed and sleepy.
  Helps your dog build confidence and trust.
Whats included in our walks?
    LIVE GPS TRACKER - Your dog will be fitted with a LIVE GPS TRACKER prior to the commencement of the walk.  The tracker enables us to monitor your dog at all times.  They record the walk enabling us to share this with you so you can see exactly where your dog has been that day, the duration of the walk, distance covered and their average speed. Should you wish for your dog to be exercised off lead, they also allow us the added security to locate your dog using the unique view cam even if they were to go out of sight.
     Pre-assessment Process - Group walks will only take place once we have completed the pre-assessment process enabling us to carefully select the group walks to ensure that your dog is getting the maximum benefit from the walk.  We are passionate about pairing dogs of the same energy levels and similar interests.
      Your dog will only be walked off lead with your prior written consent.
      We are fully insured and DBS Checked.
      Consistancy - It is the same person walking your dog each day allowing for a strong bond to develop over time.
      We will only exercise your dog in pre-assessed parklands and woodlands.
      If your dog is a 'water baby', with your permission we will allow them to take a dip during their walk.
       Using our onboard shower facility we will end the walk with a rinse down, a towel dry, a comfy bed and a treat.  They will then be transported home in our custom designed, fully heated/air conditioned van.
      Water and carefully selected treats will of course be made available to your dog.
      If we are a keyholder, you will be entitled to free Emergency Cover and optional Call Out Services.

Please Contact Us to check availability in your area

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